Action Games: Dirt Bike, Drag Racing, and Monster Truck

There are a lot of flash bike games like Stunt Mania, Bike Racer, and Prom Racers. Extreme Trucks and Monster Truck Trails are some macho fuel burning, dirt kicking, and mud flapping games that are almost a good as the real thing. Drag racing games like Road Burner and NFS Underground are hot games that make you smell the hot oil and burning tires and hear the screeching. They are motor roaring games.

These are fantastic games that get you blood racing, heart thumping, and adrenaline rushing. Skateboarding games are action games that touch the thrill seeker in you. Performing air tricks and off-the-hook boarding tricks are fun to pull with action games that have very realistic graphics. Some of the really cool games are Street Sesh and Skateboard City and other 3-D skateboarding games that are top action games are Skate Downhill and Battleboard. Some variations on the skateboarding genre of action games are dress up skateboarding games, rpg skateboarding games, multiplayer skateboarding games, and funny skateboarding games.

Action games just bring out the Wild West, adventurer, risk taker, and rugged individualist in people. They are the adrenaline shooting games that like a good story let us be a racecar driver, skateboarder, or dirt biker without leaving the house. Action games are a super vicarious pleasure that is addictive and people really get pumped about them and while playing them.

War Games are another type of action game. Skies of War is an action adventure game that involves technology and diplomacy during a war and Age of War is another popular action war game. Gold Miner is an action game in which you try to haul up as much gold as you can, it is way cool to pretend you are a prospector. It’s like vicarious gold rush living at its best. Airborne is a neat game in which you attack the balloons with a catapult. The catapult is actually a giant slingshot to begin with, but you can upgrade your weapon to mace, bomb, dynamite etc.

Castle Cat1 is an action game in which a cat has to battle his way to the castle and kill the nefarious dragon. Allied Assault is a really good fighter game. 3D Desert Dash is a rollicking run across a desert while taking out mushrooms, ducking and circumventing bombs, and grabbing the money. Mouse Hunt is a simple, but fun game that requires the player to help grab the cheese for Mickey, but the cat is lurking around.

As you can see, action games take many forms and themes. They are like a grab bag of fun or a pinyata exploding with exciting game action. There is an action game calling your name.

Tristan Andrews is a freelance author who writes articles about Online Games and Arcade Games.