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Many mountain bike enthusiasts spend a significant amount of time selecting their bike because they want the best mountain bike their money can buy. There are many things to consider when choosing a mountain bike and the quality and performance will differ upon your bike selection and your specifications.

There many well made mountain bikes on the market today. But a quick survey around mountain bike experts should lead you to the same conclusions. The general consensus among biking enthusiasts is that the best mountain bikes are the Santa Cruz Nomad, Bionicon Edison or the Gary Fisher Fat Possum. These bikes are usually the primary choices for serious mountain bikers due to their impressive features and build quality.

Quite possibly the most admired mountain bike by experts and enthusiasts alike is the Santa Cruz Nomad. This is a high end mountain bike and is priced around $ 4,000 brand new and has been hailed as a truly versatile trail bike with no weak points (is that even possible?). It is been tested to have brilliant handling capable of handling a host of different terrain. It is also lightweight and produces a smooth and enjoyable riding experience that cannot be rivaled by anything else. The nomad is a good all around mountain bike and is among the best mountain bikes on the market today.

For a futuristic look and feel, the Bionicon Edison may be the most suitable mountain bike for you. It retails at around $ 2,800 brand new and it has been getting rave reviews from mountain biking magazines. The main feature on this bike is it’s ability to change the shape of the bike upon button press to allow the rider to ascend and descend hills with ease and comfort. This new technology is a major selling point and due to this, it can be considered one of the best mountain bikes on the market today for it’s innovation.

The Gary Fisher Fat Possum rounds out the list of best mountain bikes with it’s sturdy construction for handling rough trails and light weight that makes it a strong ride for the entire day. Built by the legendary Gary Fisher brand, the Fat Possum calls both trails and hills its territory, making it an good all-around bike. And it’s been compared to a Barcalounger when it comes to comfort, which is high praise indeed! Riders report a high level of comfort, confidence and stability combined with responsiveness. Coming in at around $ 2600, it’s a reasonable price for a real enthusiast.

When choosing a mountain bike it is important to choose one that suits your style of riding and offers good comfort and stability. Fortunately, the three best mountain bikes mentioned in this article are all top class and offer a host of features that should exceed your expectations.

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