Colorado Mountain Biking

The state of Colorado offers some of the best scenery to be found anywhere in the United States. Forests, mountains and lakes await the visitor and there are plenty opportunities to see wildlife. For the active sports enthusiast, Colorado mountain biking is one of the most popular activities. It is the ideal terrain for bikers and the sport is encouraged here. Many bikers also like to combine biking with the other activities the area has to offer such as water rafting, fishing or kayaking.

There are hundreds of trails and tracks, suitable for mountain biking in Colorado, often as part of State Parks, National Forests and Nature Preserves. Everything the area has to offer is best seen from the saddle and there are trails for the beginner, intermediate and more advanced rider. Groups and families love to explore in this scenic wonder. As with any adventure sport, it’s important to prepare properly. Ensure that the bike is in good working order and take a repair kit just in case. Colorado is known for its hot days and chilly nights, so sunscreen, lots of water and plenty layers of clothing are required.

The San Juan National Forest with its high peaks, lakes, old mines, canyons and waterfalls is a popular destination in Colorado for mountain biking. Visitors to this area are delighted to spot elk, bear, mule deer, grouse and mountain lions. The Pike and San Isabel National Forest contains 14,000 feet mountains, reservoirs, white water and historic ghost towns. It is a favorite haunt for bikers, fishing enthusiasts, and owners of 4-Wheel Drive vehicles.

The Sangre de Cristo mountain range can be found in the Rio Grande National Forest. It is a beautiful area of alpine streams and high altitude lakes. The area is promoted as a Colorado mountain biking destination and as a great place for 4-Wheel Drive, road biking and motorcycling. The Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest boasts eight designated wilderness areas, five large lakes, and the Front Range mountains.

Routt National Forest is another playground for mountain biking in Colorado, as well as jeeping. The protected area has a number of threatened and endangered species amongst the Spruce, Pine and Fir trees. Chatfield State Park is very close to Denver and contains a 27-acre nature preserve and a 1,550 acre reservoir. It is a weekend retreat for Denver residents and hot air balloons are launched from here. There is also the opportunity to photograph Great Blue Herons from March until September.

There are trails, particularly suitable for the beginner Colorado mountain biker. Three of these trails are to be found around the Boulder area. They are at the Betasso Preserve, the Meyers Homestead Trail and the Marshall Mesa.

If mountains seem a bit daunting, there are Downhill Mountain Bike Tours. These provide all the fun without the aching limbs next day! They are popular with groups and families with young children. The tour provides a guide with first aid training, along with the bikes, helmets and water bottles.

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