Cycling Training Techniques That Enable One To Become A Better Cyclist

Do not feel sad when you’re a bike rider who isn’t able to cover long distances yet or you aren’t able to ride a bicycle for hours. That’s normal. There are cycling training techniques you can put into practice that will eventually help you become a better cyclist. Learn them from this write up.

Tip A: Take it slow. Do not expect to ride like an expert during the first few tries, days or weeks of cycling. Start biking for about 30 minutes 3 up to 4 times weekly, and then, once you’re more experienced and comfortable, you can cycle for 45 minutes to an hour, and increase the number of times you do it e.g. 5 times a week, even everyday. Any bike rider should believe in the saying: ‘Practice makes perfect’.

Tip B: Make sure you have a good amount of energy whenever you ride a bicycle. Do not be a ‘bonker’ or someone who rides with low levels of energy. One of the cycling training techniques you can try is to eat an energy bar or a protein supplement prior to biking. Eating small sized meals and some snacks will also help you boost energy which can help you in your desire to become a better cyclist.

Tip C: Varying your biking is also recommended if you want to enjoy the activity as a bike rider or if you wish to improve on your skills. This means cycling slowly at first and then spending a few minutes cycling faster, or vice versa. When you ride a bicycle, it is best to get used to both slow biking and faster paced biking.

Tip D: Ensuring that you’re well hydrated during cycling is also part of the list of must do cycling training techniques. The fact that you’ll be sweating and panting from time to time while cycling means that you’ll have to provide your body with more water, or else you’ll collapse or won’t be able to continue biking. Without enough hydration in your body, you can’t expect to become a better cyclist. Always bring a water bottle with you during your rides. If you desire, you can substitute water with an energy drink e.g. Gatorade.

Tip E: You also need to increase strength and endurance as a bike rider. Remember that when you ride a bicycle, you’ll be using mostly your legs, arms, even your back, hip, etc, thus you need to target those muscles. Leg exercises such as lunges, leg presses and squats; arm exercises such as the tricep press and bicep curling – these are examples of routines or work outs that can make your reaching your goal to become a better cyclist possible.

These are some of the most effective cycling training techniques that you have to follow. Try them and do them regularly and for sure, you’ll find yourself able to cycle more easily, comfortably, and in a really enjoyable manner.

Karen Winton is knowledgeable on biking. Start becoming better in cycling. Read: Cycling Training Techniques. If you want a biking training plan that meets your busy schedule, try: Busy Cyclists.

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