Cycling Vacations in Spain

Traditional vacations typically have included beach time, party time, family time and relaxation time. The latest popular trend in vacation activities is cycling. Spain and the Balearic Islands are two of the most popular cycling vacation destinations in all of Europe. For tourists who do not wish to travel with their bicycles, rentals are readily available throughout Spain and the islands.

Cycling vacations aren’t new; they are simply rising in popularity. Some cities and small towns throughout Spain offer guided cycling tours from companies that have been in business up to 30 years. Guided tours often include a luggage service that delivers your personal belongings to your next area of interest. Independent cycling vacations are available for those who wish to tour Spain completely at their leisure.

Cycling offers much more freedom than traditional vacations. Unlike most other forms of travel, cycling is based on a tourist’s whim. Cycling vacations can be from hotel-to-hotel or village-to-village. Many villages in remote places are nearly untouched by tourism. Cycling provides an up-close view of the true way of life in these villages. Rolling vineyards, sun-kissed villages and poppy fields are just a few of the visually appealing sights awaiting cyclists.

MP3 Guided Tours

One tour option available to do-it-yourself cycling tourists is the MP3 guided tour. Instructional digital audio is provided, along with maps of the area and its marked trails. Cyclists are free to roam at their own pace while following pre-recorded directions from a trained guide. MP3 guided tours are not recommended for beginning cycling tourists.

Nearly 1,000 Miles of Cycling Trails

Spain offers cyclists nearly 1,000 miles of cycling trails. Trails are being expanded each year to accommodate even more cyclists. The trails include an array of difficulty levels, but most are flat, very clearly marked and beautifully groomed. Many trails have been created to cover old railway tracks. These unused railway tracks were built flat and stretch many miles across Spain, making them perfect for cycling trails. Mountain trails are also available for the more experienced cycling tourist.

Family cycling vacations are available in nearly every city, town and village in Spain. Popular routes include historical sites, Gothic cathedrals, coastal scenery, poppy fields and riverside trails. Careful route planning and support are available from a variety of locally owned cycle touring companies. Most family tours include a back-up vehicle stocked with supplies and emergency equipment, including first-aid kits.

Cycling Vacations on Menorca and Majorca

The Balearic Islands offer a unique experience for family cycling vacations. Residents of the islands are accustomed to tourists, especially in areas surrounding the highly popular resorts. Inland areas of the islands offer a much different view of the island lifestyle. Open-air markets and family-owned restaurants await weary travelers in the smaller, less-traveled villages. Cyclists often enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine and locally made wines after a long day on the trail. The Balearic Islands are relatively small, making them great cycling destinations for families or for a first cycling vacation.

Professional Cyclists Train in Spain

During the off-season, professional cyclists can often be found on the trails in Spain or the Balearic Islands. Most locations in Spain and the Balearics offer more than 300 days of sunshine per year, making them perfect for year-round training. Cycling trails in Spain and the Balearic Islands provide many miles of scenic landscapes for professionals looking for a change in scenery.

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