How to choose the suitable outdoor LED flashlight

Outdoor activities cover a wide range, they both have a certain commonality, also because of the different types of outdoor sports is lay particular stress on a particular aspect of for lighting. Different outdoor activities, outdoor flashlight Requirements are different: such as search need high brightness light far, diving need waterproof performance is good, need good life and good floodlight on foot, etc. Below according to the order from generality to individuality, and discusses how to choose the suitable outdoor flashlight. Appropriate outdoor flashlight, can make outdoor activities, more safe, more splendid.

The first part: the commonness of outdoor flashlight
1.stable performance, high reliability
Outdoor sports requirement for lighting is available at any time, function and sufficiency, poor reliability of the lighting, at a crucial moment can’t work is fatal, the worst may lead to life-threatening. Therefore, the high Reliability is to choose the outdoor sports lighting one of the most important principle. Stable quality and good environment adaptability is outdoor flashlight first need to consider the choose and buy.

2.the waterproof performance is good
Relative to ordinary families use, outdoor flashlight need to first solve the problem of waterproof, reassuring waterproof standard is of course the IPX – 8, soaked in shallow water (generally refers to 2 meters) can be used normally, of course Against the rain off, in a sense, waterproof also belongs to the reliability of the outdoor content. Outdoor flashlight often have good sealing performance, with multiple waterproof apron protection, in order to make sure enough the waterproof ability.

3.easy to carry
Outdoor flashlight as far as possible do it easy to carry, carry out without increasing load, save energy, general personal outdoor flashlight best control within 100 g. Light type outdoor flashlight appearance is not appropriate is too large, the weight the suggested control in 200 grams. electricity
The strong light flashlight usually adopt rechargeable lithium batteries for power supply, 18650 consecutive lighting time was 2.5 hours, usually this requests us to take a backup battery according to need. At the same time, in the actual use process, appropriate choice of light or weak light illumination is beneficial to prolong torch lighting. In addition, also can consider to choose to use multiple class a battery-powered flashlight, so battery life is longer.

Many primary outdoor flashlight friend, always think of multi-position flashlight too complicated operation. Actually otherwise, outdoor flashlight having multi-position is very be necessary, at least with a light, weak light, flashing function. A single file a flashlight is not flexible, have light or weak light flashlight, can timely switch, which helps heat dissipation, 2 will also help prolong torch lighting. Had better have a low light can reach dozens of hours above the flashlight for in extreme cases can be a night lighting for more than a week. The emergence of multiple dimming technology, make the brightness and duration for the fish and bear’s paw in the same only on a torch. You can be in the camp ground, on foot, searching for different purposes, such as choosing the most suitable brightness, at the same time save valuable power reasonably. At the same time, several dimming technology also derived a lot of auxiliary functions, such as the SOS distress signal, meet danger can sent a distress Morse code, to rescue people for help.

6.high brightness
The outdoors environment complex, no one can guarantee you will encounter what circumstance, in high brightness illumination need, flashlight is not dangerous. At the same time, the long shots lights in case of emergency, also can make him people are more likely to find. As a result, a high brightness of the flashlight is necessary lighting, especially for exploration of unfamiliar road,torch the highest brightness of more than 200 lumens, best lighting distance to 100 metres on.

7.a constant brightness
In flashlight work at the same time, the battery as the energy consumption is lower and lower voltage, the brightness of the conventional flashlight also drops, lighting effect gradually becomes poor, such as a torch brightness to a certain extent has been unable to provide us suitable lighting, only replace the battery, and then often batteries and small half of the electricity, and so this part of the energy is wasted. The emergence of brightness constant technology to solve the problem, can permanent bright flashlight ignore the change of the battery voltage, provide the brightness of the almost constant in most of the time, not only to improve the lighting effect, at the same time make full use of the battery every ounce of energy.

8.battery is easy to obtain
Outdoor flashlight is best can use all over the world, even a small mountain village shop also can buy the battery, in most cases have the characteristics of the ideal battery is AA battery. If you use the buying power is not convenient pool, according to the situation before the trip to prepare enough spare batteries.

The second part: according to use choice suits own flashlight
Outdoor flashlight had finished more than the common, the following are the main analysis according to different sports categories which targeted features needs to be addressed.
1.on foot
Foot does not need too high brightness, because for a long time, you can try to choose some light flashlight, at the same time to have a long battery life. In the general case, the flashlight moderate concentrated and pan should be considered the light. But the leader or need high brightness some flashlight, and have a certain range, more convenient when exploring the terrain.

Floodlight is close friends certainly, low demand for brightness, but need to choose life long flashlight, best can continuous lighting above all night, this flashlight has advantages in terms of convenience and the cost. The present new development of a torch, can add camping lamp shade in front of the lamp holder, used as a camping lamp, performance is also very good.

3.night riding
Because of fast speed, so you need a good brightness, to life at the same time also has the high request, best can continuous lighting four hours. Floodlight is very important for night riding, concentrated part too together. night rider was not very sensitive to the weight, thus to meet the performance requirements, can be appropriately choose the larger flashlight, pay attention to whether the operation, and is conducive to clamping, to be able to firmly installed on the bike.Special remind: night rider electric, must choose the flashlight is not easy to jump file, otherwise would rather choose single move light flashlight.Jump in the intense turbulence, flashlight, unpredictable serious consequences!

Must be far enough from high lighting, brightness can relatively shorter battery life, had better have the flashlight impact characteristics at the same time, in order to avoid being part of a gun recoil shock damage. This kind of flashlight floodlight not too wide, condenser is moderate.
Demand for brightness is almost as bright as possible, range is also important, so weight and volume in the second to consider, can select bright and big flashlight.

Diving flashlight emphasizes the waterproof and reliability of the absolute, is also high brightness requirements, time is just enough good lighting (diving movement type has a relationship with you). Demand for volume and the weight is not strict, with lamps and lanterns appropriate larger conducive to grip, use flexibility is better. Switch to be able to resist water pressure (usually button switch is no match for the water pressure, diving flashlight with magnetic control switch, rotary or toggle switch control).In addition with locking function, had better prevent sell hand rope to prevent accidental loss.

Caving of the environment more sinister, and holes in rock reflectivity is low, so the brightness must be high! Hole with water, generally requires a torch have good waterproof properties, at the same time possible dangerous situation to you flashlight is strong and durable, can withstand the stone impact and fall without damage.

Short for EDC or Every Day Carry, Carry a torch. Such a torch for miniature spare flashlight commonly, must be small and light, in order to carry readily available, easy on the pocket or over the body carrying bag. In some emergency happens, often to be carrying around a torch can save your life. EDC flashlight because of the limitation of the power supply volume generally has lower brightness, some adjust the gear flashlight, life also will be very long, function also is not too much. As ms carry, when using flash function is indispensable, is used to illuminate the eye has a emergency situations Effect, is conducive to strive for more reaction time for yourself.

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