How to Successfully Gear Up for Bike Season

Next to state-of-the-art gym equipment and running, biking may be the third most popular exercise regimen people want to get into for a lot of reasons. Biking doesn’t only provide you with the opportunity mix and mingle with your community but also provides untold health benefits like improved cardiovascular health, increased strength, balance and flexibility, and increased energy and stamina as well. Let’s not forget the benefits to the environment because bikes don’t emit CO2 and the fact that it can be done by anyone from a toddler to a senior citizen, makes it all the more an endeavor people are clamoring to undertake.

While you may be fairly good at keeping your balance, not all bikes are created equal and it is important that you be able to choose the best one that fits your needs, finances and fitness goals. Bikes have come a long way from the single gear contraptions of old and it definitely takes more than being able to get on one and being able to pedal to choose one that’s the best. For one, the best ones always don’t come cheap and the last thing you want is buying a cheap bike only to run up more expenses because you have to keep replacing parts of it or the whole bike altogether.

As with anything worth having in life, you need to ask yourself first and foremost, why you need it, where you plan to ride it and how often do you plan to ride it. As far as choices go, you have your mountain bikes for dirt roads and uphill riding and road bikes if you want to do road trips or long-distance tours. A good value for your money would be hybrid bikes which are great for both on and off road riding, are customizable and are great for biking beginners. And then there’s your racing bikes that can feed your need for speed if you are into competitive bike racing. Bear in mind, however, that these can be the most expensive types of bikes so make sure you pocket is ready for it. For more about different types of bike out in the market today, you can check here and get an idea of what you feel can be the best one for you.

As far as gears go, there are a lot to choose from depending on how fast or slow you want to go. There’s your basic fixed gear or fixies which are the oldest and simplest bikes to operate. This one bike that you can pedal forward or backward and one that doesn’t require bikes since all you need to do is slow down on your pedaling to completely stop. It is also one bike that is impossible to use for coasting due to the fact that it is the rear wheels that drive the pedals. A great example of single gear bikes are the track bikes used in velodromes for racing. If you’re up for some straightforward and simple biking, you can find out about best fixie bikes here.

If you prefer variety and a lot more of surfaces to ride on, then you may want to check out multi-speed gears wherein the pedals of the bicycle operate the front chain ring, which is usually composed of three, stacked concentric gears, with the rear gear being attached to the rear wheel hub. Cyclists operate these types of bikes by using levers connected to devices called derailleurs, to move the chain up and down the gear sets.

Unlike fixies, these bikes allow for great coasting because the rear gear set operates separately from the wheels. Whether you choose to ride uphill or downhill or even on some of the roughest roads, an 8-speed or 9-speed bike sees you through. Find out more about 8 speed bike here and experience bike riding like never before.

Buying the best bikes often requires you to spend time traipsing from bike shop to bike shop and personally testing the height, fit and comfort your preferred bikes offer but often time is one luxury you don’t have. These days, the best bikes can also be gotten online, from reputable online bike companies that offer 10-year warranties and 30-day free return policies. You can browse for additional information as well that sales staff at bike shops wouldn’t normally be able to give you, as well as quickly browse through several models at once and for your questions, you can easily call their hotlines or email their customer service staff to get immediate answers. Choosing bikes personally can be a dizzying prospect but not when you visit choosing the best bike for you can be a breeze and help you successfully gear up for bike season.

With biking becoming an increasingly popular fitness regime and hobby for most people, finding and buying the best bikes is essential if you are to be successful at incorporating it into your lifestyle. Check here to find the best bikes for you, ones that are definitely worth your time and money anytime, any day.

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