Looking For Biking Adventure? Try Connecticut!

Experienced mountain bikers know Connecticut as a state with rough riding trails, rocks, and roots to challenge their skills. But did you know that Connecticut also has much to offer intermediate and beginning bike riders as well? Check out the wide variety of biking trails available for bike riders of all levels in the Constitution State.

Beginners will welcome the flat terrain on the 10-mile dirt trail near Colchester in the Salmon River State Forest. It’s the perfect place to start if you don’t have much experience, and the beautiful scenery makes the trail a pleasure to ride. As your confidence grows, you can also venture onto some of the improvised trails the locals have blazed or cross the bridge, go up the nearby hill, and try out some of the more technical stretches of trail.

Flat railroad beds no longer used by the railroads make the perfect base for many biking trails, and this is the case near Trumbul at the Old Mine Park. The easy terrain makes it a pleasure to ride for less experienced riders, and there are also other advanced trails suitable for biking enthusiasts. If you follow the river trails, you can experience technical difficulties like inclines and sharp drops, tree roots and rocks, water crossings, and even a mud hole. You’ll find lots to love here!

Intermediate bikers will be right at home on the Blue Trail located not far from Thomaston. With hilly terrain and lots of interesting things to view along the 6-mile route (going out and coming back)-like railroad bridges, campgrounds, rivers, and even an old drive-in movie theater-it is a truly enjoyable trail to travel. It can be challenging in places with obstacles like fallen trees, rocks, sand, and gravel, but the biggest challenge would be right after a rain, as it can be slippery in some spots under the right conditions.

Wallingford, Connecticut, offers lots of different trails by Tyler Mill-with trails perfect for riders of all experience levels. From paved routes for beginners to technical trails with creek crossings and mud and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect trail for the adventure you desire. Stay alert, though, as this area is open to the public and is also used for horseback riding, hiking, and hunting.

Patchaug State Forest near Voluntown has a number of fire roads open to bikers, hikers and equestrians. However, its mostly quiet so you can get in a relaxing ride hopefully without interference. The track is rugged terrain with loose rocks and some pretty big roots. With 14 miles of trails to choose from, theres enough here to keep you busy for most of the day.

Advanced bike riders who are up for a challenge will welcome a visit to the Case Mountain trails because they have everything a rider could ask for! Rocky steep inclines, loose gravel paths, bridges, large and small drops, and more create some great technical trails encompassing more than 20 miles. You may want to ensure you have a good suspension bike before tackling this one. These trails are well kept and exciting to ride!

One of the most interesting things about the biking trails in Connecticut is that they are so diverse. Whether they follow rivers or coastline, blaze through forests or fields, or challenge riders with hills and mountains, there is something to offer everyone at every skill level. Try out some of Connecticut’s biking trails and enjoy all the variety this state has to offer.

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